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Theories about Sherlock S3E3

My friends and I (after crying over the reichenbach fall) thought of these things while discussing Sherlock

1. How Sherlock Survived-

If you look at Sherlock going off the building, he is flapping his arms like a birdie and most people just fall and land on their backs rather than face front. So he wanted to land face first for a reason. Also Sherlock picked the building that he and Moriarty met at (re-watch the episode [if you can bear it], Moriarty says something like, “Nice tall building you chose to meet at, Sherlock”). So Sherlock (being the genius that he is) probably picked a building tall enough to appear dead, but short enough to have the possibility of surviving. 

Also everyone knows that Molly Hooper did something to help Sherlock. She works at a morgue and could pronounce him dead, when in fact he wasn’t.

Also Sherlock wasn’t taken by an ambulance….?

Also that bike messenger that bumped into John? Maybe he drugged him to make him not think straight? and he didn’t take Sherlock’s pulse correctly? Maybe that’s just me being paranoid…

2. How Moriarty survived-

Moriarty (unlike Sherlock) wasn’t in the news… was his death covered up? Or did he actually die? DUN DUN DUN

Also the gun could’ve contained a blank, and when he fell Moriarty could’ve burst a blood pack to make it seem as if he was dead

And you might ask “Why didn’t Sherlock use his mind powers to pick up on this trickery?” well I have an answer! He was so consumed with thinking about the friends that he loved to use knowledge. And he wasn’t thinking clearly. So he went ahead and faked his death.

And lastly, Moriarty cares too much about himself to kill himself just to “beat” Sherlock. He is a narcissist… So yeah

**** A lot of Sherlockians that I have talked to are like AHH! where is John’s wife? wasn’t he supposed to get married this episode? well it’s my idea that while Sherlock is “dead” for about 3 years, John finds Mary. So yeah… :D please let me know your theories on what Moffat is going to do this time :P 

We have to keep ourselves entertained somehow while we wait for season 3 to come out!

So theories?

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